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Toyota 4Runner Mods

Welcome to 4R Customs, your ultimate destination for 4th gen 4Runner mods! We specialize in TRD style grilles, retrofit headlights, and a wide range of off-road parts and accessories tailored specifically for Toyota 4Runners. With our expertise and passion, we help you transform your 4Runner into a trail-conquering beast. Explore our store today and elevate your off-road adventures with 4R Customs!

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    Front Grille For 4th Gen 4Runner 2006-2009 2006 4R Customs Grille With LED Emblem 2006 4runner grille 06-09 4runner led emblem 4Runner Front Grille

    4R Customs

    2006-2009 4th Gen 4Runner Grille

    4th Gen 4Runner Grille 06-09: Our TRD Style Grilles fit for 06-09 4Runners are the fastest way to bring your already great rig back to life. Product holds a matte black finish with gray T O Y O T A lettering and a new gasket. Additional accessories are...

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    Now: $219.99
  • 4th gen 4runner Grille 2003 4Runner Grille with LED Toyota Emblem 4R Customs 4runner grille 4Runner Grille Upgrade 2003 4Runner Front Grille

    4R Customs

    4th Gen 4Runner Grille 2003-2005

    **Back Order- 2 Week Estimated Lead** 4th Gen 4Runner Grille 03-05 Bring your 4Runner's look to modern times with our custom TRD style grille. Fit for the 2003-2005 Toyota 4Runner, our grille is designed to stand out with a matte black finish and gray...

    MSRP: $275.00
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    4th gen handle covers 2nd gen tacoma handle covers handle covers 4th gen 4runner accessories toptography handle covers

    4R Customs

    2003-2009 4th Gen 4Runner Topography Handle Covers

    **Back Order! 3 Week Shipping Lead** Product Page: Matte Black 4th Gen 4Runner Handle Covers Welcome to our 4th Gen 4Runner Handle Covers page! Upgrade your 2003-2009 4Runner with our stylish and durable matte black handle covers featuring a sleek gray...

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    Now: $34.99
  • 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 4runner Overlay 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 4runner low cost accessories 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 4runner Trunk Emblem Cover 4runner accessories 4th gen 4runner overlay kit

    4R Customs

    4th Gen 4Runner Topography Overlay Kit

    Product Description  Top off your build with our 4th Gen Toyota 4Runner Topography Trunk Emblem Overlay Kit! Made specifically for 2003-2009 models, this sleek accessory is designed to customize your rig without the hassle of drilling or...

    MSRP: $75.00
  • Why is there a gap in between my trd grille and hood of 4runner

    4R Customs

    2006-2009 4Runner Front Grille Replacement Gasket

    Wondering why your TRD style grille has a gap in between the hood? Let us help! Introducing the 2006-2009 4Runner Front Grille Gasket Replacement – the perfect solution to eliminate that unsightly gap and restore the seamless, polished look to your...

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    2008 4runner Tail Lights 4runner tail lights 4runner tail light upgrade 2006 4runner tail light 4th gen 4Runner Tail lights

    4R Customs

    4th Gen 4Runner Tail lights

    Product Description 4th Gen 4Runner Tail Lights Looking for a great 4th gen 4runner mod? Our all new LED tail lights are a perfect upgrade for your 2003-2009 Toyota 4runner! With an advanced startup sequence and sequential turn signals, our lights are...

    Was: $405.00
    Now: $329.99
  • Led Toyota Badge Red LED Toyota Badge White LED Toyota Badge

    4R Customs

    LED Toyota Badge For Trunk Of 2003-2009 4Runner

    Close Out Sale!Product Measurements (PLEASE MESURE BEFORE YOU PURCHASE!) Lights are three inches in length and two inches in height. If purchasing product for any use other than the trunk of a 4th generation 4Runner, please verify these dimensions are...

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    3rd gen 4Runner Grille 3rd gen 4runner mods 3rd gen 4runner grille with lights 3rd gen 4 runner trd grille 3rd gen 4runner grille

    4R Customs

    3rd Gen 4Runner TRD Grille Fit for 1996-2002 Models

    3rd Gen 4Runner Grille Fit For Models 1996-2002 Any Trim  Bring your build to life with the ultimate 3rd gen 4Runner grille! Add custom features and a modern look to your rig with our durable ABS front grille and LED accessories including, white,...

    Was: $275.00
    Now: $249.00
  • raptor lights for 4runner Grille lights for 4runner 2006 4Runner Raptor Lights 2003-2009 4Runner Raptor lights TRD Grille Raptor light replacements

    4R Customs

    Raptor Light Replacement For Toyota TRD Grille

    Product Information In need of some replacement lights for your aftermarket TRD Style Grille? 4R Customs Has you covered with fast and free shipping from the USA! With a variety of color selections, our DRL lights are a sure way to add a custom look to...

  • 4th gen 4runner headlight conversion kit 4how to do the 4th gen 4runner 06-09 headlight conversions 4th gen 4runner face lift. 4th gen 4runner 03-05 face lift 4how to do the 4th gen 4runner 06-09 headlight conversions Face lift

    4R Customs

    From 03-05 To 06-09 Headlight Conversion Kits

    Facelift Headlight Kit To Add 2006-2009 Headlights To your 2003-2005 4Runner Are you looking for an easy 4th gen 4runner headlight mod? For all of you 2003-2005 4th gen fans we have an easy and low cost solution for you, taking on the superior...

  • USB Port For Toyota 4th Gen 4Runners (2003-2009), 2nd Gen Tacoma's (2007-2015), and FJ Cruisers (2007-2014)

    4R Customs

    Toyota USB Car Play Factory Flush Button

    Introducing the Factory Flush USB Port Upgrade for Toyota 4Runners, Tacomas, and FJ Cruisers! Upgrade your driving experience with our Factory Flush USB Port designed specifically for Toyota 4th Gen 4Runners (2003-2009), 2nd Gen Tacomas (2007-2015), and...

  • TRD Badge Replacement White TRD Grille LED LOGO BLUE TRD grille LED LOGO

    4R Customs

    Replacement TOYOTA Lettering Badge

    Product Information Looking for a replacement Toyota lettering badge for your TRD Grille? 4R Customs has you covered with three options to choose from, Flat black, Dark Grey, Or dual color option LED (White or Blue LED). Kit will include replacement...

  • 4runner accessory switch 4th Gen 4runner accessory switch 4th gen 4runner switch 2nd gen tacoma switch FJ Cruiser Switch

    4R Customs

    4R Customs 4th Gen Accessory Switch

    Product Information Our 4th gen 4Runner accessory switch fits directly into your factory blank ports to add a sleek finish to any electrical job you might have started. Our switches have two separate LED's one will be wired to activate when the...

  • 4R Customs Gifts accessories for 4runner fans 4runner Patches 4R Customs Christmas Holiday Patch 4R Customs Holiday Patch 4R Customs Yellow 4runner patch

    4R Customs

    4R Customs PVC 4Runner Patch

    Product Description Looking for some patches for your Toyota 4Runner? Or How about a low cost gift? Look no further then the 4R Customs Outdoor adventure patch! Our patches are crafted from premium-grade PVC, known for its durability and long-lasting...

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    4th gen 4runner mod 4Runner mods 4th gen 4runner LED BADGE for 4Runner TRD Grille 4th gen 4runner LED Trd grille

    4R Customs

    LED Toyota Emblem For TRD Grille

    Product Description Looking for a 4th gen 4runner mod sure to make your rig stand out? Check out our all new LED Toyota emblem. Our emblems are designed to be used with our TRD 4th gen 4runner grilles but can also fit other screw mount TRD style grilles...

    Was: $160.00
    Now: $129.00
  • 2006 4runner blue lights 4th gen 4runner Blue lights 4th gen 4 runner accessories 4th gen 4runner upgrades Multi Color Raptor Lights

    4R Customs

    Multi Color Raptor Lights For Toyota Models

    Product Information Our Grille running lights come equipped with 64 different customizable color options all accessed through the touch of your smartphone. Lights have multiple strobe and flash settings with customizable color selections and speeds. All...

  • 4R Customs Sticker 4R Customs Sunset Sticker

    4R Customs

    4R Customs Sunset Sticker

    Looking to add some swag to your 4Runner? Pick up some of our 4R Customs premium vynal stickers! Our stickers come with a weather resistant film for the extereior of your rig and also look great inside! Shop now and other great Toyota 4Runner products...

  • 4th Gen 4Runner Headlights 2006-2009 4th gen 4runner headlights 4runner retrofit headlights 4th gen 4runner headlight upgrades 4R Customs 4runner Headlights

    4R Customs

    2006-2009 4th Gen 4Runner Retrofit Headlights

    4R Customs 2006-2009 4th Gen 4Runner Retrofit Headlights Upgrade your 2006-2009 Toyota 4Runner with 4R Customs' Retrofit Headlights. These headlights are custom-built to order here in the USA, ensuring top-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail...

  • 4runner upgrades 2004 4runner lower reflectors 4runner mods 2004 4Runner Reflectors 4runner accessorys

    4R Customs

    2003-2005 4Runner Lower Reflector LED Replacement

    Product Information***Back Order Expected Release Date 4/05/2024*** Make your 4Runner safer and more visible on or off road with our 2003-2005 Toyota 4Runner rear reflector replacement! Our LED reflectors come 100% plug and play with all wires...

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    2003, 2004, and 2005 4runner smoked out fog lights LED Fog lights 2003 4runner DRL 2003 4runner fog light aftermarket replacement 4runner footlights

    4R Customs

    2003-2005 4Runner Black Fog Light Upgrade With DRL

    **Back Order, Expected Shipping Date 07/15For years, the 4th Gen 4Runner has been overlooked in the world of aftermarket accessories and mods, leaving enthusiasts craving innovative upgrades. Recognizing the gap, our team at 4R Customs has been on a...

    Was: $249.99
    Now: $199.99
  • 3rd Gen 4Runner Tail Lights 3rd Gen 4Runner Mods 3rd Gen 4Runner LED Tail Lights 4runner LED Tail lights 3rd gen 4runner mods

    4R Customs

    3rd Gen 4Runner Tail Lights

    3rd Gen 4Runner Tail Lights Our team at 4R Customs is Proud to announce our all new 3rd Gen 4Runner LED Tail lights! For years the 3rd gen 4Runner has been the most overlooked Toyota 4Runner in terms of aftermarket lighting options. 4R Customs is here to...

  • 2003, 2004, 2005 4runner aftermarket headlights 2003 4runner headlight 2004 4Runner Headlights 2005 4Runner Headlights 2003 4runner retrofits

    4R Customs

    2003- 2005 Toyota 4Runner Custom Retrofit Headlights

    Tired of dim lite roads? Check out our all-new 2003-2005 Toyota 4Runner retrofit headlights! Our headlights are the ultimate 4th gen 4 runner mod and include an advanced LED startup sequence, amber flashing turn signals, Quad-LED Projectors, and an RGB...

  • 2003 4runner Retrofit headlights 2004 4runner retrofit headlights 2005 4runner retrofit headlights 4th gen 4runner headlights 4R Customs FS3 Pro headlights

    4R Customs

    2003-2005 Toyota 4Runner FS3 Pro Custom Retrofit Headlights

    Product Listing: 4R Customs All New FS3 Pro Retrofit Headlights for 2003-2005 Toyota 4Runners Are you looking to take your 4th gen 4Runner to the next level with the ultimate 4th gen 4Runner Mod? Look no further than the 4R Customs FS3 Pro Retrofit...


    4R Customs

    4R Customs Overland Tee

    Looking for a mens 4runner tee shirt to wear on your next overland adventure? Try on our 4R Customs Mountain man tee! Our tee shirts are made from 100% cotton and ship fast and free from USA! Worried about fitment? If product does not fit, we will cover...

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    2003 4runner roof rack 2003 4runner roof rack with light bar 2005 4runner roof rack 4th gen 4Runner mods 4th Gen 4Runner Roof Rack

    4R Customs

    4th Gen 4Runner Roof Rack

    Introducing the Ultimate Roof Rack for Your 2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner:  Upgrade your 4th gen 4Runner off road experience with our premium overlanding roof rack, designed to seamlessly fit all models from 2003 to 2009 any trim. Crafted for both form...

    Was: $1,199.99
    Now: $1,099.00
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    Freedom 3BL 4th gen 4runner 3rd Brake light 4Runner 3BL 4th gen 4runner mods 4runner tail lights

    Freedom Outfitters U.S

    Freedom Outfitters Slimline 4th Gen 4Runner 3rd Brake Light

    Product Information Tie off the tail end of your 4th gen 4Runner with the Freedom Outfitters Slimline 3rd Brake Light, the ultimate accessory designed to enhance the safety and style of your t4R. Built to last: Forged from ASA-CF, a rugged carbon...

    Was: $220.00
    Now: $199.99
  • 4th Gen 4Runner LED Tail Lights 2004 4runner tail lights 4th gen 4runner mods 4th gen 4runner tail lights 4th gen 4runner tail lights

    4R Customs

    4th Gen 4Runner R2 Pro LED Tail Lights

    4th Gen 4Runner R2 Pro LED Tail Lights Upgrade your 2003-2009 4th Gen 4Runner with our R2 Pro LED Tail Lights, the brightest and safest aftermarket option available. These tail lights feature: Brighter Turn Signals and Reverse Lights: Ensure maximum...

  • 5th Gen 4Runner Pan Hard Correction Kit 3rd Gen 4Runner Pan Hard Correction Kit 4th gen 4Runner Pan Hard Correction Kit

    EIM Keith

    The Original EIM Keith Panhard Correction Kit

    Introducing the EIM Keith Pan Hard Correction Kit (PCK), the original solution designed to address the critical issue of pan hard angle misalignment that occurs when lifting your 4Runner. Engineered with you in mind and backed by years of expertise, this...

  • 3rd Gen 4Runner LED Filler Panel 3rd gen 4runner LED headlight trim 3rd Gen 4Runner LED Bumper filler 3rd gen 4runner turn signal relocations 3rd gen 4runner mods

    4R Customs

    3rd Gen 4Runner LED Fuller Panel/ Headlight Trim

    Introducing the 4R Customs LED Fuller Panel/Lower Headlight Trim for 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runners Customize the look of your 3rd gen Toyota 4Runner with our all-new LED Fuller Panel/Lower Headlight Trim. Designed to improve both style and functionality, this...

  • Loose Axles Collaboration Patch Loose Axles Collaboration Patch Loose Axles Collaboration Patch

    4R Customs

    Loose Axles Collaboration Patch

    Product Description Introducing the ultimate accessory for every Toyota 4Runner enthusiast - the Limited Edition PVC Patch in collaboration with 4R Customs and Loose Axles! Designed for the adventurers, the builders, and the do-it-yourselfers, this patch...

  • 4runner facelift Pro grille 2014-2023 4runner TRD Pro Style Grille 4runner grille mods

    4R Customs

    5th Gen 4Runner TRD Style Facelift grille

      5th Gen 4Runner TRD Grille Upgrade Introducing the 4R Customs 5th Gen 4Runner TRD Pro Style Facelift Grille – the ultimate upgrade to add the pro look to your SR5 or Sport trim. Upgrade the front end of your vehicle with this...

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