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4R Customs offers a variety of unique products made specifically for your 3rd generation 4Runner. From custom grilles to LED Logos, 4R Customs has the parts to transform your 3rd gen into a work of art! Shop now for TRD style grilles to fit your 1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner

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    3rd gen 4Runner Grille 3rd gen 4runner mods 3rd gen 4runner grille with lights 3rd gen 4 runner trd grille 3rd gen 4runner grille

    4R Customs

    3rd Gen 4Runner TRD Grille Fit for 1996-2002 Models

    ** Back Order Expected Shipping Date June 1st**Replacement Grille Fit For Toyota 4Runner Models 1996-2002 any Trim  Bring your build to life with the ultimate Mod for your 3rd Gen 4Runner! Add some custom features and a modern look to your rig with...

    Was: $275.00
    Now: $249.00
  • Led Toyota Badge Red LED Toyota Badge White LED Toyota Badge

    4R Customs

    LED Toyota Badge For Trunk Of 2003-2009 4Runner

    Product Measurements (PLEASE MESURE BEFORE YOU PURCHASE!) Lights are three inches in length and two inches in height. If purchasing product for any use other than the trunk of a 4th generation 4Runner, please verify these dimensions are compatible with...

  • raptor lights for 4runner Grille lights for 4runner 2006 4Runner Raptor Lights 2003-2009 4Runner Raptor lights TRD Grille Raptor light replacements

    4R Customs

    Raptor Light Replacement For Toyota TRD Grille

    Product Information In need of some replacement lights for your aftermarket TRD Style Grille? 4R Customs Has you covered with fast and free shipping from the USA! With a variety of color selections, our DRL lights are a sure way to add a custom look to...

  • 2006 4runner blue lights 4th gen 4runner Blue lights 4th gen 4 runner accessories 4th gen 4runner upgrades Multi Color Raptor Lights

    4R Customs

    Multi Color Raptor Lights For Toyota Models

    Product Information Our Grille running lights come equipped with 64 different customizable color options all accessed through the touch of your smartphone. Lights have multiple strobe and flash settings with customizable color selections and speeds. All...

  • 4R Customs Gifts accessories for 4runner fans 4runner Patches 4R Customs Christmas Holiday Patch 4R Customs Holiday Patch 4R Customs Yellow 4runner patch

    4R Customs

    4R Customs PVC 4Runner Patch

    Product Description Looking for some patches for your Toyota 4Runner? Or How about a low cost gift? Look no further then the 4R Customs Outdoor adventure patch! Our patches are crafted from premium-grade PVC, known for its durability and long-lasting...

  • 4R Customs Sticker 4R Customs Sunset Sticker

    4R Customs

    4R Customs Sunset Sticker

    Looking to add some swag to your 4Runner? Pick up some of our 4R Customs premium vynal stickers! Our stickers come with a weather resistant film for the extereior of your rig and also look great inside! Shop now and other great Toyota 4Runner products...

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    4th gen 4runner mod 4Runner mods 4th gen 4runner LED BADGE for 4Runner TRD Grille 4th gen 4runner LED Trd grille

    4R Customs

    LED Toyota Emblem For TRD Grille

    Product Description Looking for a 4th gen 4runner mod sure to make your rig stand out? Check out our all new LED Toyota emblem. Our emblems are designed to be used with our TRD 4th gen 4runner grilles but can also fit other screw mount TRD style grilles...

    Was: $160.00
    Now: $129.00
  • TRD Badge Replacement White TRD Grille LED LOGO BLUE TRD grille LED LOGO

    4R Customs

    Replacement TOYOTA Lettering Badge

    Product Information Looking for a replacement Toyota lettering badge for your TRD Grille? 4R Customs has you covered with three options to choose from, Flat black, Dark Grey, Or dual color option LED (White or Blue LED). Kit will include replacement...


    4R Customs

    4R Customs Overland Tee

    Looking for a mens 4runner tee shirt to wear on your next overland adventure? Try on our 4R Customs Mountain man tee! Our tee shirts are made from 100% cotton and ship fast and free from USA! Worried about fitment? If product does not fit, we will cover...

  • 5th Gen 4Runner Pan Hard Correction Kit 3rd Gen 4Runner Pan Hard Correction Kit 4th gen 4Runner Pan Hard Correction Kit

    EIM Keith

    The Original EIM Keith Panhard Correction Kit

    Introducing the EIM Keith Pan Hard Correction Kit (PCK), the original solution designed to address the critical issue of pan hard angle misalignment that occurs when lifting your 4Runner. Engineered with precision and backed by years of expertise, this...

  • Loose Axles Collaboration Patch Loose Axles Collaboration Patch Loose Axles Collaboration Patch

    4R Customs

    Loose Axles Collaboration Patch

    Product Description Introducing the ultimate accessory for every Toyota 4Runner enthusiast - the Limited Edition PVC Patch in collaboration with 4R Customs and Loose Axles! Designed for the adventurers, the builders, and the do-it-yourselfers, this patch...

  • 4 Pack Aux Beam 3" LED Pods Aux beam led pods 4Runner led pods Aux beam pods off road pods

    Aux Beam

    3 INCH 80W LED Auxbeam PODS

    Light up the trails with the Aux Beam 3 In 80W LED Pods. With 9600 Lumens and 99% usable light, these pods are the ultimate upgrade for anyone looking for extreme visibility on or off road. Not sure what color you want? No worries, the Aux beam pods come...

  • Camping equipment for Toyota 4Runners 4Runner tents Overlanding RTT for 4Runner 4Runner Overlanding Equipment 4runner Roof Top Tent

    4R Customs

    Roof Top Tent (RTT) For Toyota 4Runner

    Introducing the 4R Custom New Roof Top Tent (RTT) –  Complete your overlanding build with our cutting-edge 4R Custom Roof Top Tent, designed for adventurer seekers just like you!   Key Features: Versatile Roof Rack Rails: Seamlessly...

  • 4Runner accessory lights for Overlanding 4Runner LED lighting mods LED Pod Upgrades for 4runner 4Runner led mods LED Flood lights toyota 4Runner

    Aux Beam

    Aux Beam 4 Inch 30 Watt Flood Lights

    Product Description Light the trails with some all new Aux beam flood lights, perfect for overlanders looking to light up the side of their rig or keep the trails illuminated ahead. With countless of applications, this is the perfect lighting mod for any...

  • 2003-2009 4Runner Aux Beam Panel 4Runner aux beam panel aux beam panel 4th gen 4runner aux beam panel 4th gen 4runner mods

    Aux Beam

    Aux Beam Switch Panel For Toyota 4Runner 1996-2023

    Enhance Control With the Auxbeam Switch Panel for Your Toyota 4Runner Product Description: Upgrade your 3rd, 4th, and even 5th gen Toyota 4Runner's interior with the Auxbeam Switch Panel, a versatile and ergonomic accessory designed to enhance control...

21 of 21 Items